J Baker
Jan 13

What is a Cappuccino?


Edited: Jan 13

At EVERYMAN I've always coached that a cappuccino is a small 6 ounce espresso drink that is comprised of three equal parts. These three parts should form three distinct layers.

The three layers are as follows:


1. Espresso

2. Steamed Milk

3. Frothed Milk


So, what is one to think when you can get a 6oz, 12oz, or even a 21oz Cappuccino? Is the 21oz still equal parts? The NY Times did a piece that helps to unpack what has happened to the classic cappuccino. According to the Times:


"Even among experts, there is considerable disagreement concerning what exactly a cappuccino is".


The article is worth a short read. A few minutes for a lifetime of knowledge.

Post below in the comments what you think makes a good cappuccino? Pictures encouraged!








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