J Baker
May 16

Perspectives on "The Alabama Human Life Protection Act".




1. Firstly, everybody should give pause to the humanity issue. There are, for certain, women in Alabama who are still seeking to kill their children. We've got to wrap them up in love & kindness. While they can still terminate their children in other states we can't simply think the law keeps women from wanting to seek abortion. We've got to continue to pour wisdom and unbridled support into their world.


2. Read the law: https://www.al.com/…/alabama-abortion-ban-passes-read-the-b… It's interesting that in Alabama, and many other states, the statutes ALREADY define persons for homicide to "include an unborn child in utero at any stage of development, regardless of viability". (13A-6-1, Code of Alabama 1975) If a man kills a woman who's pregnant that use to be a double homicide but if a woman who's pregnant went and killed her own child in utero it's "women's health care". Hypocrisy at the core. This law corrects that egregious error.


2. The law will undoubtedly get challenged by many Pro-Abortion organizations and possible lower courts before it officially becomes active in 6 months.


3. This law finally recognizes what we've know for quite some time. Children inside the womb are...well, children. No woman has ever given birth to a cheetah or jackalope. Regardless of the Pro-abortion talking points it's a fact that women always give birth to human children. The only thing a Pro-Abortion perspective tries to do is argue that a human child is not worthy of life because of it's developmental state (argument that's it's not really a person), the circumstances of the mother, etc. But hey, aren't babies just "clumps of cells"? Uh, yeah. So are we as adults. And I can't just kill you because.


4. A big part of the Pro-Abortion rhetoric focuses on this "Non Human" aspect of....the human child. Some even try to say it's not a human being by calling it a Fetus. It's not a child it's a Fetus. It's not a person it's a Fetus. Fetus, from the Latin fedes, meaning "unborn human offspring". I really appreciate the numbers mentioned below. Of note, 6,000,000 Jews were murdered by the Germans in WWII. But, who cares, the Germans said they weren't really human beings. Additionally, slaves in America were without rights and subject to incredible atrocities. Terrible stain on our history. Again, doesn't really matter, because in American at the time slaves weren't actually people. If you don't pick up the hyperbole and sarcasm please read again. This is disgusting. Juxtapose that against the 50,000,000 children that have been killed in the US since Roe v. Wade (1973). 50,000,000. Again, who cares, unborn children aren't really children. sigh....


4. Science is MOVING at an incredible pace. I always find it ironic when some people argue for more gun control siting the fact that when the framers of the Amendment made it a law that the technology with weapons wasn't nearly as advanced as it is now. When I mention the fact that when Roe v. Wade happened compared to now and the incredible scientific advancements we've made in microbiology and how we can see the development process of a human being from DAY 1, my argument is quickly dismissed as sexist. Interesting. What we KNOW through biology. At the moment of conception a new LIFE has been created. Brand new Human DNA is forged. AMAZING! Not Dad's DNA, Not Mom's DNA. A new person. Left to it's natural process this moment leads to the birth of a human child approximately 9 months later. We can see the developing child in utero through ultra sound imaging. As early as 6 weeks fetal photography can show clear development of a human being.


5. Somewhere between .01-2% of pregnancies (depending on where you look) have the immediate ability to threaten the mother's life. I like that this new legislation doesn't take away the Mom's right to self defense.


6. Intellectual integrity. I think ALL OF US, men and women, have certain unalienable rights. I also think that our rights stop IMMEDIATELY at the line where we violate anthers. I am for female rights. ALL females's rights. If you say you're for female rights but STOP at the unborn female I find that to be intellectually dishonest and inconsistent. I don't think any of us, male or female, have the right to choose to take an innocent life as our personal decision. If you say you're for women's rights be for ALL women's rights.


7. Slavery...again. Sometimes I hear people say, "Well, you can't just make these sweeping decisions and laws immediately" They will say, "We just need to create a new system of learning and invest in sex education more." They will go on to say, "Women and Men will continue to seek out abortions anyway so you're just making it more unsafe". Slavery was wrong. Period. Lincoln didn't take the strategy of "Education" and "let's put in a longer term strategy". Hell no, he recognized slaves were actually human being and righted the wrong and EMANCIPATED. He acted. The other point about safety is a moral argument. IF abortion is wrong, SAFE access to it is a non starter except in regard to the life of the mother. The logic with people who make this statement is all together missing IF abortion is wrong. If I said to you, "You know what, burglars are still going to rob stores. When they do it, they are going to have to break things, damage supplies, and cause harm. Perhaps we should do away with laws that prevent burlary so we can keep them SAFE". You would, rightly, say "hold up!" but burglary is WRONG. Indeed.


A couple of resources for any couple struggling with coming to terms with their pregnancy.


In my world: https://www.lilyfield.org

Around the US: https://aaplog.org

I welcome your thoughts & critiques.

New Posts
  • J Baker
    Mar 4

    Abortion is an area where I am convicted to engage. I understand this turns some people off. I understand the strong opinions that surround this issue. I am sensitive to it. I've been called sexist, racist, bigoted, homophobic, the lot. I'm okay with that. In light of the fact that nobody who calls me those names ever can identify how I am actually those things it doesn't carry much weight to me. It's cowardly. I don't agree with everything Ben Shapiro might say but this I do: "If you call somebody a sexist without any objective reason that doesn't make them a sexist it simply makes you an asshole." So to that Block me. I still love ya. Better yet, engage. It makes us both sharper. I'm always happy to debate but I never try to make it personal. Also remember, in a culture where if I disagree with you I've somehow committed a moral sin I would remind you that debate is GOOD. Debate is noble. I want to interrogate peoples thought and logic not their person. I want mine challenged too! The main reason for my passions here is that I use to be 150,000% Pro-Choice. If you didn't want your kiddo you shouldn't have to be forced to do so. I supported Pro-Choice activists & I voted for people who were Pro-choice. I engaged with Pro-lifers who in my mind were woman hating, reason abandoning, idealists. Usually using religion to beat people over the head who clearly didn't share their worldview. Over the past 8 years I've had a COMPLETE REVERSAL. As I've studied I've been convinced of the bankruptcy of my Pro-Choice views. I do not identify as a Pro-lifer anymore but more closely now as an abolitionist. I will continue to use Facebook as a platform to engage. Some might say, "What good can come from this?" In fact, MANY people will say it's detrimental. Often, these same individuals, when asked to take a position on the issue will waffle. What if by engaging in debate somebody who was diametrically opposed to the Pro-life position could be brought to understand the issue differently? I was just such a person. I've seen people challenged in their positions actually.....CHANGE. This is NOT a bad thing. Furthermore, what if that engagement just leads to ONE single life being saved. That's what I'm fighting for. Just the one. Then one more. Then one more. I guess in a way I'm fighting for the me out there the same way that others in my life fought to win over my strong appeal to being Pro-abortion. I frequently have this thought of being an old man. Annson, my son, grown himself is having lots of thoughtful conversations with me about the big issues. Maybe over a nice cocktail. I'd like to envision it that way if I'm blessed with old age. After another 50 years of medical discoveries and advancement he simply asks me, "Dad, I just don't understand how people didn't think that babies in the womb were lives worthy of dignity and a right to live. Can you explain that to me?" My heart was so hardened into the Pro-Choice position it took time, but eventually through debate specifically, I had to learn to actually justify my position. Justify. Objectively. Logically. With science. With consistency that didn't abandon other foundational elements of human nature and morality where I could be challenged and my argument made dead. I ultimately found I couldn't justify my appeal to the Pro-Life position. I absolutely couldn't withstand debate on the issue without reducing my position to absurdity. I'm always looking for the objective. Today I ran across this. Some may not know but Planned Parenthood was originally the Birth Control Federation of America. I ran across some of their marketing collateral this morning. I believe from the 1930's. It's interesting how the talking points have changed. In particular, "Every Child is a Wanted Child". Can you imagine PP using that language today? I welcome your thoughts...or not. Still love ya. Check out an entire article by Live Action here: https://www.liveaction.org/news/old-planned-parenthood-pamphlet-abortion-is-dangerous-to-the-life-and-health-of-women/
  • J Baker
    Nov 24, 2018

    You've got to check out this article. Incentivizing Dad's staying home. This hasn't made it's way over to American yet but what do you think? I'm torn here. I know it's CRITICAL for children to have strong male influence in their lives. However, I feel like traditional gender roles may be under massive attack here. Several Questions come to mind for me: 1. Are the roles of men and women getting blurred here? 2. Do you think women and men are DIFFERENT in regard to parenting? 3. What's the role of a Dad in the family unit? 4. If you're a business owner would you feel compelled to offer this type of benefit? Let me know your thoughts below! I respond to every comment.
  • J Baker
    Nov 20, 2018

    Did you grow up in a fatherless home? What are your thoughts on these facts?

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