J Baker
Nov 15, 2018

Single vs. Double Breasted Suits



Read Full Article from RMRS HERE.

Love this article about the differences between Single & Double Breasted Suits by Real Men Real Style. Key takeaways.


1. Start with the Staples. If you don't have a decent basic wardrobe yet DO NOT buy a Double Breasted Suit. (i.e. Have at least 3 of the following: Grey Suit, Charcoal Suit, Navy Suit, Black Suit, Navy Blazer)


2. Double Breasted Suits are ALWAYS formal. You can't dress down a double Breasted Suit.


3. MOST of us should be opting for a Single Breasted 2-Button Look


4. Double Breasted Suits could be more expensive as they require more construction considerations and materials (i.e. Fabric & Buttons)


5. As you build your wardrobe I love the idea of adding in a double breasted look! In particular I love the idea of a bold color that can be paired with different colored trousers or, for the bold, a premium pair of denim.


What do you think? Would you add a Double Breasted Coat to your Wardrobe? Comment below. Would love to hear your opinion. Do you have a a Double Breasted Coat? Please share a picture of your style!


If you're in the Oklahoma City area I would love to chat with you personally about your Wardrobe and see if there's an opportunity to come along side you and build some pieces that you feel like a MILLION bucks in. You can book a free consultation with me HERE.

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